How to Check Amazon Gift card Balance in 12 Steps?

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Amazon gift cards are a great present for birthdays, graduations and Christmas. If you have already applied a gift card to your Amazon account, you might be searching for ways to check your amazon gift card balance.

Your Amazon account has the option to check your total amazon gift card balance. You can also check your amazon gift card balance without applying it. This is very useful when you receive the card as a gift but you actually don’t know the worth of the gift card.

let us discuss steps to check your amazon gift card balance

Step 1) Visit

amazon gift card balance

To check your amazon gift card balance, this step is very necessary. Switch on your gadgets. Check whether your gadget has a proper connection to the internet.

 Using any of the web browsers such as Chrome, Opera or Firefox, on your smartphone, computer, desktop or laptop. Tap on the address bar situated at the top of the web browser. Enter the URL “” as it is in the address bar and tap the Enter button.

Step 2) log in to your Amazon account.

signing to your amazon gift account

At the righthand side on top of the website, you will see the words “Hello, Sign In.” Make a right-click on this icon. You will be directed to the sign-in page.

Enter your username or email along with your password to log in. as well as your password. If you are missing an account, you can create one by clicking on the icon “Create your Amazon account.”

If you want to create a new Amazon account, you need to have a valid email address. If you do not have a valid email account, create one.

Step 3) Go to Your Account

amazon gift card balance

When you sign in, you may be directed to your account page. but if you need to visit your account, move your mouse to the “Accounts & Lists” button on the navigation bar. In the left column, you will “Your Account.” Click on these words.

Step 4) Locating the Gift Card Group

locating amazon gift cards

 Scroll down to the second section, which is named as “Amazon Wallet.” There you will see two columns in the Wallet section. One is “Gift Cards” and the other is “Payment Methods”.

Step 5) Click on “View Gift Card Balance and Activity

amazon gift card balance

In the heading of Gift Cards, from the first option, you can view your gift card balance. The words that you’ll tap will be blue in color. Click on the colored icon to visit the gift card balance page.

Step 6) View Your Balance

amazon gift card balance

After you right-click on “View Amazon Gift Card Balance and Activity,” your personal gift card balance page will appear and open.

You’ll clearly see a box on your computer screen that tells you your accurate gift card balance. If you have applied more than one card to your account, this balance is the total sum of all gift cards.

Let us see the method to check the balance of an unredeemed gift card

Step 1) Log-in to your Amazon Account.

login amazon

Open a browser of your choice (Ex. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, the Internet Explorer) you want to use and visit Make sure to have a working internet connection. If not, contact your nearest internet service provider.

If your wifi is not working, click here.

Click the button that displays the “Sign-in” option. You will see sign-in near the top right of the screen.

Once you reach there, correctly type your email address without any spelling error. Also, enter your personal account password to log in to your Amazon account.

Step 2) Click on “Gift Cards and Registry

gift cards

Look for the search bar at the top of your screen. Below the search bar, you’ll see some words that each represent a link to a different part of the website. Click carefully on the words visible as “Gift Cards and Registry.” This will lead you to a screen with many options.

Step 3) Click on the box that reads “Redeem a Gift Card

redeem gift card

Your screen will display three square pictures in a single row. Under this, you’ll see a row of six interactive boxes. The second to last box at the right side of the row tells “Redeem a gift card.” Click on this link carefully.

Step 4) Scratch off the Silver Strip

 If you have a new Amazon card, you will see a silver strip covering the claim code on the rear end of the card. Use your fingernail or a coin to scratch or peel the gift card strip. After this, you will see the code.

Step 5) Type in the gift Card’s Claim Code

enter code

Look at the backside of your gift card for a series of numbers and letters. Enter the code exactly as you see it. Carefully include capital letters and dashes.

Step 6) Click on the box that says “Check

check amazon gift card balance

After you enter the claim code, you have two options: apply the balance to your account or check the balance. If you need to apply the balance to your personal account, then click on that button. Else, click on the “Check” button to see how much money is loaded on the particular card.

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