17 Easy Steps To Create Nintendo Network ID On Nintendo 3DS 2020

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In this article, you will be learning how to create the Nintendo network ID on the Nintendo 3DS family console.
Each Nintendo Network ID can be connected to the Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS family system.

  • Nintendo 3DS must be online to create a Nintendo Network ID.
  • Nintendo 3DS can only have one Nintendo Network ID active at a time.
  • If there is a previous account on the system, it must be deleted before a new Nintendo Network ID can be created or linked.


17 Steps to Create Nintendo Network ID

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The following are the 17 steps to create the Nintendo network ID.

  1. At any time after completing the initial system configuration, select System Configuration from the Start menu.
  2. Select Nintendo Network ID Settings, then OK.
    • If you do not see this option in System Configuration, you must first update your Nintendo 3DS family system to the latest version from the list.
  3. Read information about the screens, then select Next.
  4. Select Create a new ID, then select Next.
    General Chat If you don’t have Mii yet, you will be prompted to create one. Once you get Mii, go to step 2.
  5. Read the information on the screen and select Add to continue.
  6. View the network service agreement.
  7. Choose a language.
  8. Read the network service agreement. Select Accept to accept the terms.
    • If you are less than 18 years old, the parent or legal guardian must accept this agreement before proceeding.
  9. In the appropriate fields, enter the following information:
    • Date of birth (month, day, year)
    • Respective Gender
    • Country of residence
    This parameter cannot be modified after account creation.
    • This will be completed automatically with the country where Nintendo 3DS is currently configured.
    • If the country indicated is incorrect, you must correct it before proceeding with the account creation process. Select again until you set up the system and set the country.
    o Please note that any remaining balance of Nintendo eShop that does not match the currency of the country on the Nintendo Network account will be withdrawn without refund. Your Nintendo Network account cannot be linked to Nintendo eShop accounts in two different regions.
    • Region
    • Time Zones
  10. Click the Nintendo Network ID field, then click OK.
  11. Enter the Nintendo Network ID, and click Verify.
    Nintendo is a unique name that will represent you on the Nintendo Network
    • The identity you specify will be visible to other users of the online service. Do not include personal information or offensive content in your username.
    Choose your identity carefully. Once created, it cannot be changed.
    The Nintendo network must be between 6 and 16 characters long and may include letters, numbers, periods, hyphens, and underscores.
    • Punctuation cannot be used as a first or last letter of an identifier. Additionally, one or more intervals may not be used respectively.
  12. Enter the password for the Nintendo Network account, then select Verify.
    • The password you choose must be between 6 and 16 characters long.
    • The password must use a combination of the following two types of letters: letters, numbers, and letters.
    • You cannot use the specified name as a password for your Nintendo Network ID.
    • You cannot use the same letter three or more times in a row.
    Security For security reasons, you do not want to use this password. It is easy to guess or use for other services.
  13. Enter the password again to confirm. Select authentication.
  14. Enter your email address. Select authentication.
    Public Chat If the email address you entered is incorrect (for example, the domain user does not exist), you will be asked to correct it. Check and re-enter your email address.
    Creating a Nintendo Network ID requires a valid email address.
  15. Enter your email address again to verify, then confirm.
  16. When all fields are completed, select and select.
  17. The information you entered is correct for confirmation. Select the link to confirm.
    • If any information needs to be changed, select Back to return to the previous screen.

Bottom Line

Above are the steps to create the Nintendo Network ID.


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